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Body Psychotherapy is an approach which attempts to meet each person as a whole being. In simple terms a Body Psychotherapist will attend not only to your mind and your thinking, but also to your body, your feelings and your intuition. In short, all of you, including your conscious and unconscious mind. In turn, this may draw your own attention to the way you are, rather than getting lost in a limited idea of how you think you are or should be.

Whatever your issues, problems, concerns, a Body Psychotherapist will try to address these on all levels of your being, body, emotion, mind and spirit, recognising that many psychological problems have immediate correlations in the body: anxiety and panic attacks, sexual or eating problems, addictions, overwhelming feelings or depression. It is worth taking into account that pre- and non-verbal communication constitutes 93% of human interaction. This is true for relating to others as well as relating to your self.

As in all kinds of other counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches, you can expect your therapist to be a sympathetically listening professional, providing an empathic, non-judgmental presence, and a confidential space, giving you the opportunity to be and talk and reflect and experiment outside the pressures of ordinary life and social duties. For some people this is an utter necessity for their emotional survival (in terms of dealing with the pain that dominates their life), for others it is an invaluable opportunity for personal growth.

Body Psychotherapy understands all emotional and mental problems in the context of the body/mind as a whole system. For recurring problems to be resolved, mental insight often is not enough - something needs to happen that affects all levels of our being. Body Psychotherapists, therefore, pay a lot of attention to the links (or disconnections) between feeling and thinking, between physical sensations and images, between spontaneous impulses and patterns of relating. The session may involve anything, therefore, from touch to movement, massage, art, imagery, physical exercise or a combination of these.
This is because psychotherapy should be a space in which you can be and become who you really are. For that to come about ALL of your bodymind needs to be involved.


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